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New Telecom Initiative Connecting Ukraine Communities and Hospitals

Empact and our Ukrainian NGO partner Stay Safe UA are excited to announce a new funding appeal, seeking $125,000 to fund communications and power solutions for communities and hospitals in the most vulnerable parts of Ukrainian-controlled territory. The need for an urgent response is amplified by the impending winter conditions, which will be predictably brutal.

The Russo-Ukrainian war, ongoing since 2014, escalated significantly in February of 2022 when Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Since that time, over 8 million Ukrainians have fled their homeland. Brave Ukrainians have been part of a massive resistance and have taken back over 50% of Ukrainian territory previously seized by the Russian Army.

Since the beginning of the invasion, Empact Northwest and Stay Safe UA have provided crucial life-saving food and medical supplies to Ukrainian refugees, internally displaced people, and those unable to travel (primarily the elderly and physically disabled). In 10 months, we've delivered over 10,000 food packages, provided more than 3 tons of medical supplies, and evacuated thousands of trapped Ukrainians. The Empact Northwest and Stay Safe UA teams are comprised of a mix of Ukrainian and international volunteers with over 55,000 volunteer hours and 100,000 km of ground travel in just ten months.

Now Ukrainians who have chosen to stay behind and those forced to remain in place are desperate to communicate with family members who have been displaced in Ukraine or fled to other parts of Europe. The Empact Northwest and Stay Safe UA response teams need mobile satellite communications solutions and power supplies so that affected communities may reach their loved ones. In addition, Stay Safe UA has identified five hospitals with the skills and capacity to use telemedicine solutions to support their life-saving medical interventions.

The initial funding will provide ten Communication and Power Supply packs. Five of the Communication and Power packs will be allocated to hospitals in Zolochiv, Chuhuiv, Kramatorsk, Pokrovske, and Kherson. Five Comms/Power packs will travel with the Stay Safe UA and Empact Northwest teams to be set up in community centers in the frontline districts where they deploy to provide food, medical supplies, and evacuation services.

This funding appeal will enable over 40,000 Ukrainians to communicate with family and friends each month for 12 months (over 480,000 connections in the first year). In addition, Empact Northwest estimates that the five identified hospitals will be able to leverage 4,000 telemedicine-enabled consultations each month (approximately 48,000 in the first year).

Please consider donating today to support this critical next phase in our relief operation!

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