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Empact is Back in Ukraine

On September 2nd, Empact's own dog handler/logistician/fixer supreme, Dave T., traveled with his canine partner to begin part 2 of his mission in Ukraine. Dave will be based in the Lviv area but will be working across the entire nation, diligently attending to the needs of displaced and trapped Ukrainians. Dave and Libby will also be working with the Ukraine Emergency Services, assisting with the development of their Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) and canine rescue capabilities. As a world leader in USAR work and training, Empact is prepared to assist the Ukrainian people in developing these capabilities so that more lives may be saved!

Since Empact launched our first Ukraine team on February 28th, we've been fully involved in the crisis, working to bring essential supplies and medical care to those displaced both inside and outside of Ukraine. Our teams have been working around the clock to ensure rapid and effective delivery of this essential aid.

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