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Teams deployed around the world

Updated: May 20, 2022

This has been a very busy month for team Empact! With teams doing work around the world right now, your organization is having a big impact!

First, our mission continues in #Ukraine. We're currently staffing an aid station just inside the Ukraine border, providing first care for tired, hungry, and injured #refugees coming west to escape the fighting. While numbers are down, we remain prepared to respond to any surge that may come as the fighting continues. This weekend, along with our partners, we'll be assessing the ability to push this aid post forward into #Lviv to aid internally displaced persons as well.

Meanwhile, three of our logistics pros were able to make a connection with the #Shehyni #Humanitarian Aid Center inside Ukraine and begin supply runs, delivering 1,100 pounds of essential support items, including headlamps, sleeping bags, clothing, medical supplies, canned food, and even some candy and stuffed animals. This is incredibly important work, providing the essentials needed to sustain families through this crisis.

On the other side of the world (well, almost), our Belize teams are hard at work providing training as part of the implementation of a new dispatching system. This dispatching system will also serve as part of the core infrastructure for the rest of our projects there, establishing a more effective #fire and #EMS response system as well as developing technical #rescue and disaster response capabilities. Even as a small part of a bigger project, this dispatch training will have a major impact! The Belize National Fire Service has never had a centralized #dispatch and communications center and currently, fire companies have no way to communicate with other fire companies.

In partnership with Trek Medics, Belize Heroes, the Belize National Fire Service, and Belize Telecom we're able to leverage modern technology and a robust cellular network to ensure that this changes! Now, each fire company in the initial implementation area has a mobile data terminal, running the innovative software Beacon and allowing for centralized dispatch as well as two way communications between the companies in the field and their (brand new) dedicated fire #dispatchers. We are so excited to see the huge difference this program will make in the lives of the people of Belize!

None of this work is possible without the incredible support of our donors! Please consider making a donation today to support our lifesaving work!

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