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Come learn from the best! Empact Northwest is the premier technical rescue training programs in the Pacific Northwest.  We currently offer biannual Rescue Systems 1, Rope Rescue Technician, and specialty courses. 

Why choose Empact? It's simple, experience matters! All of Empact's courses are taught by current USAR Task Force members, many with extensive deployment and response experience internationally and domestically.  Most of our instructors are also current career firefighters active in their local and regional technical rescue teams.

Empact's courses are focused on current firefighters and emergency response professionals and put a premium on the development of hands-on skills and scenario-based training.  

Empact's courses meet the standards set by NFPA 1006, JPR's for technical rescue; and prepare the firefighter to operate at the corresponding levels established by NFPA 1670.


Rescue Systems 1

Rescue Systems 1 is a fast paced, hands on course designed to provide the line firefighter with essential rescue skills.  Topics include low- and high- angle rope systems, shoring, cribbing, breaching, and heavy lift; all using commonly available tools.  Meets the NFPA 1006 JPR's for operations level rope and structural collapse.






2023 Scheduled Courses

June 5-8; Bremerton, WA


Structural Collapse Technician 

Structural Collapse Technician (Rescue Systems 2) is an advanced rescue course designed to prepare the firefighter or rescue technician to operate effectively during complex structural collapse incidents.  Topics include metal and reinforced concrete breaching, search techniques, advanced shoring, and the use of specialized tools. Meets the NFPA 1006 JPR's for technician level structural collapse.


Scheduled Courses

Coming Soon!


Rope Rescue Technician

Rope Rescue Technician is an advanced ropes course designed to provide the firefighter or rescue technician with advanced rope rescue skills.  Topics include multi-point anchor systems, 2-rope offset horizontal operations, pick-off rescues, and tended litter raises and lowers. Meets the NFPA 1006 JPR's for technician level rope rescue.







2023 Scheduled Courses

Jan. 6- Feb. 3; Tacoma, WA*

February 6-10; Tacoma, WA*

Sept 25-29; Bremerton, WA


2024 Dates Now Available; Registration Opens Soon!

Rescue Systems 1

Bremerton, WA



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Rope Technician

Bremerton, WA




Rescue Systems 1

Bremerton, WA




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Empact is pleased to offer custom courses or stock courses at your location.  We have provided custom courses for businesses, communities, non-fire government agencies, and rescue teams.  If you're looking for something special, or if you'd like one of our stock courses at your location, we'd be happy to discuss options with you.

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...[I] go[t] so much out of being in the field and a dozen little practical things that I had read about...A bunch of tiny little things that the veterans I think just took for granted, were really helpful for me to see and experience in person.

Firefighter/Rope Technician/2021

"All [the] instructors were great. Knowledgeable. Friendly. Made sure you understood the why"

Firefighter/Rescue Systems 1/2020

I appreciated getting repetitions on evolutions that we are low frequency. I also appreciated how the instructors were able to pivot and address some of the issues that came up during this course.

Firefighter/Rescue Systems 1/2022

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