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Are you ready to challenge yourself and serve humanity at the same time? Do you have special skills you want to put to use in serving those most in need, regardless of what country they live in? Do you enjoy a physical challenge and the opportunity to step outside your norm? If you answered yes to any of these, Empact may be for you!  

Empact currently seeks out and trains volunteer members every two years.  The selection process is competitive and those selected then attend several months of training to become proficient rescuers and disaster responders.  Required experience or background is dependent on the billet chosen (more below) and there's a spot for almost every skill set.  

Please Note: As of November 28th, 2023, Empact is not currently accepting volunteer applications.  Interested in being notified of future opportunities? Sign up below and we'll let you know when it opens again.  Thank you for your understanding!

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Rescue Technician


Rescue Specialist


Disaster Medical Technician (EMT)


Disaster Medical Specialist (RN/PM/ARNP/PA-C)


Disaster Physician


Logistics Specialist


Canine Search Specialist


Technical Search Specialist


Structures Specialist (Architect/PE)

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Stateside Support Specialist


  • There's so many positions.  Which one should I apply for?
    We welcome applicants to apply for as many positions for which they are qualified. Please note that if you apply for multiple positions, we will do our best to honor your preferences, but ultimately we will place you in the billet that greatest fits the need of the organization.
  • Does every applicant get accepted?
    Each application period brings us far more applicants than billets and so we're unable to accommodate every potential volunteer.
  • Is there a physical test? Background check?
    There is a physical test for every deployed position. These physical tests are based on the USDA/USFS Pack Test and are applied as follows: - Rescue Personnel: 3-mile hike with 45-pound pack in 45 min. or less. - Medical and Logistics Personnel: 2-mile hike with 25-pound pack in 30 min. or less. - All Deployment Personnel: General agility test to evaluate your ability to carry moderate to heavy loads over uneven terrain. There is no physical test for stateside support volunteers. Additionally, as part of the application process, all applicants are required to submit to a criminal background check. While any single offense or series of offenses may lead to disqualification at our discretion, we are primarily concerned with crimes of moral turpitude and those that victimize others, particularly children, vulnerable adults, and those in a healthcare setting.
  • What will Empact provide me if I'm accepted?
    If you are accepted as a deployable member of our organization, you will be provided with the following at no cost to you: - All training required for your position that is not required prior to application - Safety equipment - Single basic uniform & deployment equipment - Airfare and travel costs for deployments Additionally, all personnel are covered by organizational deployment insurance when overseas, to include: - Medical and security evacuation insurance - Personal equipment loss, theft, or destruction coverage - AD&D insurance - Limited disability insurance for disability incurred during a deployment - Liability insurance - Crisis management services Finally, all physicians and medical personnel who are deployed internationally in a medical role are provided with $500,000 medical liability insurance. When deployed domestically, all personnel are covered under our general organizational insurance policy with coverages similar to the above.
  • Are there dues or other financial requirements?
    Every member is responsible for dues totaling $200 per year. Payment can be made at the beginning of the calendar year or through automatic monthly installments. These dues help to offset equipment purchases and basic organizational expenses to support volunteer deployments. Members are also expected to anticipate in a meaningful way in our fundraising efforts such as galas, online fundraisers, etc.
  • Training? How much training?
    Every member is required to attend training appropriate to their position and the amount of training varies based on the assignment. All personnel are required to complete multiple online courses as well as an Empact Indoctrination and Training program that spans six months. This includes: (1) 1 day course in January (1) 4 day course in January (1) 1 day course in February (1) 4 day course in February (1) 3 day course in March (1) 24 hour course in April (1) final multi unit drill in May This Indoctrination and Basic Training program is followed by: - Rescue Personnel: Monthly drills, typically 8 hours in length, but occasionally longer. - Medical Personnel: 4-6 drills per year, varying in length. - Logistics Personnel: 4-6 drills per year, varying in length. 100% attendance is required for the Indoctrination and Basic Training course, and a 65% attendance is required for all unit drills thereafter, calculated on a quarterly basis. Members who do not maintain a drill attendance of 65% become non-deployable. Those who do not maintain a drill of 70% for two consecutive years may be removed from the team altogether.
  • I'm already a member of X technical rescue, medical, FEMA team, etc.  Do I still have to attend training?
    Regardless of outside affiliation, all personnel are required to attend the minimum assigned annual training. No exceptions will be made. Members are allowed to take short term sabbaticals to tend to personal and career issues, but based on duration these may affect a members deployment status.
  • Do I have to deploy internationally?
    All new members are required to be eligible for international travel and assignment. Existing members may be granted a temporary waiver of this requirement for health, career, or personal reasons. We also understand that some volunteers may be unwilling to travel to certain countries or regions of the world due to personal safety concerns. These will always be honored.
  • Is there a minimum time commitment?
    Members are expected to: - Complete all minimum training requirements - Attend assigned drills and training - Contribute in a meaningful way to organizational fundraising activities - Remain with the organization for 36 months
  • What if I don't like country X, do i have to deploy there?
    Empact cannot control the locations of disasters and does not discriminate based on anything other than necessity, opportunity, and security concerns. Members are expected to make themselves available for deployment regardless of destination, however certain exceptions may be made as necessitated by security, health, or other concerns. Ultimately, Empact cannot require you to deploy to a country where you feel your safety or health would be put at risk and as a volunteer, you always have the right to decline a deployment.
  • If I'm not assigned to a unit can I still attend their training?
    Absolutely! All of our members are welcome to attend any organizational training, space allowing, regardless of their assignment.
  • Do I have to buy my own uniforms and equipment?
    Empact will provide all of your safety equipment, basic deployment equipment, and one basic uniform. Members spend, on average, an additional $300 over 2-3 years to purchase additional uniforms and other deployment related equipment.
  • Do I have to live in Seattle?
    While the organization has no residency requirement, all members are required to attend initial and ongoing training in Bremerton, WA. This can be a significant travel commitment for those living outside of the immediate Seattle region.
  • I have a job and a family, what if I can't make a deployment?
    We get it! This is a volunteer position and we'll NEVER ask you to jeopardize your employment or your family for a deployment. Periodic inability to deploy due to employment or family conflicts will never affect your status with the organization, provided that if a pattern of unavailability is noted, you may be asked to move into a non-deployed billet.
  • I see that you have paid staff too.  Will volunteering get me a job with Empact?
    Volunteering with Empact Northwest and participating in training or other other volunteer activities is in no way a promise of a future paid job.
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