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Empact International: A New Name for a New Era of Global Impact

Empact, a leading organization providing rescue training and disaster response services in the Pacific Northwest and worldwide, is excited to announce a major development in our journey. Effective June 1st, Empact Northwest will become Empact International, a name that reflects our dedication to the broader, global scope and scale of our mission moving forward. As we evolve, we remain steadfast in our core mission: empowering communities through rescue training, emergency systems development, and disaster response. In this new chapter, we are thrilled to share our strategic shift towards a Social Entrepreneurship Venture (SEV) model within our training division, ensuring sustainability, flexibility, and continued business growth.

A Name Change for a Global Mission

The transition from Empact Northwest to Empact International signifies our commitment to making a difference beyond our roots in the Pacific Northwest. We recognize the immense need for rescue and relief services worldwide and are expanding our horizons to meet this challenge. This new name showcases our dedication to creating a more significant impact by supporting communities across the globe in times of disaster and conflict.

A Strategic Shift: Embracing the SEV Model

To strengthen our position as the premier rescue training provider in the Pacific Northwest for fire service customers, we are adopting a Social Entrepreneurship Venture (SEV) model within our training division. This approach ensures sustainability, flexibility, and continued growth in the following ways:

  1. Sustainable Revenue Model: By incorporating a social entrepreneurship model, we can generate consistent revenue streams to support our programs, allowing us to expand our reach and impact in the region and worldwide.

  2. Flexibility: The SEV model enables us to adapt to changing market conditions and customer needs, ensuring our service offerings remain responsive and agile.

  3. Continued Business Growth: With the adoption of the SEV model, we can continue to grow and expand our training division, reaching more fire service customers and ensuring our position as the premier rescue training provider in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Core Focus Areas

As Empact International, we will concentrate on three primary areas of focus:

Affordable Rescue Training for Fire Service Customers

Our rescue training division will offer accessible and affordable rescue training for fire service customers, utilizing a social entrepreneurship model to support our programs. This approach ensures that everyone, regardless of their background or financial resources, can acquire essential skills to save lives and protect communities during disasters. We will continue to expand the depth and breadth of our courses to include advanced rope rescue workshops, structural collapse technician courses, and swift water rescue training.

Emergency Systems Development in the Caribbean and Central America

Recognizing the unique challenges faced by the Caribbean and Central American regions, we are committed to developing emergency systems that cater to the specific needs of these communities. By collaborating with local governments and organizations, we will help to build resilient communities that are better equipped to handle disasters and emergencies.

International Disaster Response Missions

Empact International will continue to provide acute rescue, medical, and logistics support immediately after a disaster strikes. Our dedicated team of professionals will offer ongoing relief and medical support to areas affected by disaster and conflict. By extending our reach globally, we aim to assist communities in need and create a lasting impact in disaster-stricken regions.

Looking Ahead: Empact International's Vision

As we embrace this new chapter in our organization's story, we remain committed to our founding principles of empathy, service, empowerment, and audacity. Empact International will continue to work tirelessly to provide world-class rescue training and disaster response services in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

Join us on our journey to make a global impact, and stay tuned for updates on our latest projects, successes, and initiatives as we forge ahead as Empact International. Together, we can make a difference, save lives, and create a better future for all.


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