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Relief: Turkey

Photo credit:, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

On February 6th, two powerful earthquakes struck southern and central Turkey, leading to massive damage, tens of thousands of casualties, and an unknown number left homeless in both Turkey and Syria. 

Immediately after the quake, Empact sprang into action, mobilizing our medical and relief assets for immediate deployment. 

Now, Empact Northwest has a team on the ground made up of highly trained, experienced disaster medical, rescue, and logistics professionals working in southern Turkey in response to the request for international assistance from the government of Turkey and with a commitment to deploy additional medical and relief personnel as needed, focusing on the areas of greatest need.

Empact’s model is one of serving the most underserved, and our incredible medical personnel will be providing the highest level of care possible in a truly austere environment.

In addition to providing direct medical care and rescue, our personnel are distributing much-needed relief supplies to those most impacted in Turkey and Syria.

We cannot do this work without your support; thank you for your donation!

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