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Empact Provides Critical Relief to Syrian Earthquake Refugees

Empact Northwest is a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the risks and mitigating the impacts of natural and man-made disasters on underserved and vulnerable communities.

One of the greatest strengths of our organization is our flexibility. Now that the search and rescue phase of our response to the Turkey earthquake is closing, we’re shifting our focus to providing relief supplies to those impacted by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.

Our team is hard at work in Reyhanli, sorting, delivering, and distributing food, water, milk, mattresses, sanitation supplies, and children's comfort items to Syrian refugees from the earthquake, in partnership with Turkish authorities and our new partners at Refugease. The bloody Syrian civil war has left the people of this region particularly susceptible to disaster, and Empact is proud to be able to support those most in need!

As the region rebuilds, it will be essential for organizations like ours to pivot in this way, assisting those most affected in stabilizing their lives in this crisis so that they can begin to restore their communities and their lives.

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