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Help Families Facing Disaster

With rampant climate change, growing income inequality, shrinking government budgets, and a pandemic that won't end, more people are facing disaster today than ever before.

Donate now to help us support children, families, and communities facing disasters in places like Belize, Louisiana, Haiti, and here in the Pacific Northwest.  Your gift can help provide essential rescue services to families, women, and children facing devastating disasters.  Your gift can also support our other critical work preparing communities and training firefighters.

Your gift allows us to deliver comprehensive help to people affected by natural and manmade disasters.  When combined with those of other donors, your gift becomes a powerful means to support our vital work, including community education, post-disaster medical support, disaster logistics coordination, and rescue system development worldwide.

Give by Mail
Empact Northwest
PO Box 542
Kingston, WA 98346

Do you have a Fidelity or Schwab Donor Advised Fund? Donations are easy with DAF Direct!
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