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Empact's Poland pathfinders team is back, now the real work begins

Your first Empact team to deploy to #Poland, #Ukraine, and the border region has returned to the states and our next round of dedicated volunteers is packing as we speak! Our Pathfinder team did the essential work necessary to establish the ground truths, make connections, develop necessary relationships, and establish the mission. This is not always exciting work but it's absolutely critical, especially for large, complex, prolonged operations such as this.

Now that we've done that necessary work, we're beginning what will likely be a months-long deployment. The UN OCHA's Poland Regional Response Plan (RRP), which #Empact is a part of, is currently scheduled to run until August of 2022 before its next revision and we are committed to the long haul of supporting #Ukrainian #refugees.

In a few days, our first team of medical and logistics professionals will leave Seattle and head back to the border region. They and follow-on teams will work to provide primary medical care, logistical support, as well as general support for refugees needing it, from helping with phone calls to handing out sandwiches. One of our key values as an organization is humility, and flexibility is our watchword. No work is beneath us and we will always meet people where their needs are, whatever their needs are.

We will be in Poland supporting the refugees from this brutal #war for months to come, but only if our incredible #donors, fans, and supporters make it possible. Please consider making a #donation today.

We are also looking for short-term volunteers, both to deploy to Poland and to support operations here in the Seattle region. While our primary focus is on medical providers, there are also opportunities for anyone able-bodied and not afraid of work. It may not be glamorous work. It may be cooking, serving food, or cleaning; but it's essential work, and if it's what's most needed, it's what we'll do.

Thank you all for your continued support, love, and generosity for the people of Ukraine!

Cover photo: U.S. Department of State from United States, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

All other images copyright Empact Northwest, 2022.

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