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Empact launching a medical team in response to the Turkey Earthquake

In the coming days, and in partnership with multiple strategic partners, Empact will launch a small Medical Pathfinder team of highly experienced, well-trained #disaster medical professionals to central #Turkey in response to the devastating #earthquakes on February 6th.

Empact has answered the request for international assistance from the government of Turkey with a commitment to deploy medical and relief personnel as needed, focusing on the areas of greatest need and least support. Our model is one of serving the most underserved, and our incredible medical personnel will be providing the highest level of care possible in a truly austere environment.

In addition to providing direct medical care, our personnel will lay the groundwork for follow on medical and relief teams. We remain committed to the people affected by this terrible disaster.

Please consider supporting our mission today to help bring lifesaving care to those most in need!

Be sure to follow our work on social media and here on our blog.

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