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Empact Deploys for Ukraine Crisis

Empact Northwest on Tuesday will be deploying a "pathfinders" assessment team to the

Ukrainian families at the Ukraine-Slovakia border crossing at Vyšné Nemecké on Friday. Photograph: Peter Lazar/AFP/Getty Images

border region of Poland and Ukraine to begin establishing critical medical and humanitarian support for refugees from the fighting in Ukraine. Our team will work to assess the areas of greatest need and to establish plans to assist in feeding, sheltering, and caring for those displaced from their homes. We will also be working to establish critical trauma care and evacuation systems to bolster Ukraine's' health care system so that civilians injured in the fighting can receive care. Please follow this blog and our socials (links below) for updates from our team.

We need your help!

This mission will NOT be successful without the efforts of the entire Empact family, including our incredibly valued network of donors and funders. Please don't shy away from this crisis, families in Ukraine need your help, please donate today!

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