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Empact: Saving Lives Through Advanced Rescue Training

Empact's local training season is off to a great start! Since February, 57 firefighters from Kitsap and Pierce Counties have taken part in intensive rescue training courses provided by Empact International. These courses aimed to enhance their abilities to respond effectively and safely during technical rescue operations, ultimately helping save more lives in our local communities.


32 of these local firefighters participated in our Rope Rescue Technician courses and 25 in our Rescue Systems 1 course. The 40+ hour Rope Rescue Technician course provided hands-on training in advanced rope rescue techniques, covering everything from rigging systems and anchors to victim packaging and rescue scene management. Participants gained experience in real-world scenarios, both in urban and wilderness settings.


The Rescue Systems 1 course equipped firefighters with intermediate technical rescue and urban search and rescue skills. They learned about rope systems, subsurface rescue, cribbing and shoring, cutting tool operations, and the use of fire service ladders in specialized situations.


Our instructors, who are current Rescue Specialists and experienced fire service-based technical rescue providers, ensured that the training was not only comprehensive but also practical and aligned with current best practices.


These dedicated firefighters are now better prepared to handle a wide range of rescue scenarios, from rope rescues to structural collapses in the communities in which our donors and supporters live! Their enhanced skills and knowledge will undoubtedly contribute to more effective and safer rescue operations, ultimately helping save more lives in our communities.


We are proud to have provided this advanced training and look forward to continuing our efforts to support our local first responders in their life-saving missions. 


We need your help!

Your support is vital in helping us continue providing advanced rescue training to local first responders! With your generous contributions, we can equip more firefighters with the skills and knowledge needed to save lives during technical rescue operations safely and effectively. Together, we can make our communities safer and better prepared for emergencies.


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