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Empact Expands Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Team

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Last week Empact was able to add another member to our newest unit, the Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Team.

Our executive Director and Task Force Leader, Jake Gillanders, was able to travel to Los Angeles last week to learn Swiftwater and Flood rescue from the experts at the Los Angeles County Fire Department, one of the nation's leaders in Swiftwater Rescue. Through an innovative sister fire department program, Jake was able to attend the course tuition free and was fully integrated into the course.

"What an amazing opportunity and amazing course." Jake said. "This was an incredible chance to learn from the some of the nations leading experts in this work, and I'm so grateful that LACoFD has this program, ensuring that training is shared with those who need it most."

With Jake's completion of this course, our rapidly growing Swiftwater and Flood unit now stands at 5 total members, expanded by our partnership with the subject matter experts at Swiftwater Safety Institute; and we'll be adding 3 more in 2023. Based on our increased water rescue activity as a result of floods and other severe weather events, this has been identified as a high priority response project by our board.

Are you looking for Swiftwater Rescue Training? Empact will be offering our first NFPA Swiftwater Rescue Technician course this year!

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