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Groundbreaking Rescue Training in Belize: A Stepping Stone Towards Comprehensive Emergency

Last week marked an incredible milestone for #emergency response in #Belize as Empact sent a team of six highly skilled instructors to provide the nation's first-ever Rescue Systems 1 course. This 60-hour training, supported by generous donors and private foundations, has made history and promises a safer future for the Belizean people. By offering #NFPA operations level training in rope rescue, structural collapse, and auto extrication, Empact is contributing to a comprehensive emergency systems development program that aims to strengthen preparedness, response, and mitigation capabilities in the event of natural or manmade disasters.

The First of Many: Rescue Systems 1 Course

Sixteen Belize National Fire Service (BNFS) members and eight Belize Institute of Search and Rescue Training (BISART) members were the first to benefit from the groundbreaking Rescue Systems 1 course. This initial training is just the beginning of a series of courses that will be crucial to Empact's comprehensive emergency systems development program in Belize.

Impact on the Lives of Belizeans

The training provided to the BNFS and BISART members will have a direct and lasting impact on the lives of Belizeans. Empact's work has already affected over 3,000 Belizeans to date, and we predict that it will continue to impact the lives of more than 300 every month moving forward. The rescue training alone is expected to impact 40 people every month, potentially saving numerous lives and improving Belize's overall quality of life.

The Bigger Picture: Comprehensive Emergency Systems Development Program

The Rescue Systems 1 course is just one piece of Empact's ambitious project in Belize. The comprehensive emergency systems development program includes dispatch system implementation, advanced rescue training, and emergency management development. Having started in 2021, the project is expected to last at least another five years, continually improving the country's preparedness for natural and manmade disasters.

A Collaborative Effort

Empact's work in Belize would not be possible without the support of our donors, private foundations, and the cooperation and contributions of the BNFS, BISART, and our partners at Trek Medics and Belize Heroes. Their unwavering commitment to the cause has been instrumental in the project's success thus far and will continue to be vital as we work together towards a safer and better-prepared Belize.


Last week's groundbreaking Rescue Systems 1 course in Belize has set the stage for a transformative shift in the nation's emergency response capabilities. This training, along with the broader emergency systems development program, will undoubtedly save lives and improve the safety and well-being of Belizeans for years to come. As we celebrate this milestone, we also express our heartfelt gratitude to the donors, private foundations, and our committed partners who have made this work possible. Together, we are building a safer and more resilient Belize.


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