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Empact has Landed in Krakow

Your Empact team has made it into Poland and has started the process of setting up long term relief operations for refugees from the Ukraine refugee crisis. Today our advance team of four traveled from Warsaw to Krakow after securing vehicles and once in Krakow, we got in touch with our invaluable interpreter Yaryna. Meanwhile, the other half of our team was able to connect with the United States Army in Rzeszow. The US Army is currently supporting NGO operations through coordination and our team will be joining them in the morning for a Community of Interest meeting to coordinate ongoing refugee assistance. There is SO much work to be done here. Throughout the day we have run into countless Ukrainian refugees seeking food, shelter, and safety. But we have also met proud Ukrainians, ready and willing to do whatever it takes to protect their homes and their families, as well as countless Poles who are giving up everything that they have to support those fleeing violence and chaos. Empact is proud to be working for and alongside these resilient people!

If you are able to support this mission, please consider doing so. The need is great and the timeline is long.

To make a donation to support our work in Poland and Ukraine, please go to

Thank you!

//Team Ukraine

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