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East Africa Curriculum Update

Last Friday, September 9th, Empact Executive Director Jake Gillanders met with representatives from partners at Trek Medics, EMRV, and the Tanzania Rural Health Movement to put the finishing touches on the new CHEAR ME curriculum. Once completed, this transnational curriculum will form a linchpin of consistency in emergency medical care across the East African region. Alongside our partners, Empact envisions improving the quality and accessibility of community-level emergency medical services in East Africa and establishing a standard of practice for the development and sustainability of community-level emergency medical services in East Africa.

The Collaboration to Help East Africans Respond to Medical Emergencies (CHEAR ME) was launched in 2021 by charter members from Tanzania, Kenya and the US to support the systematic approach to community-based emergency medical services (EMS) development in East Africa through the exchange of ideas, information and experience. We're very excited to play a role, however small, in the development of sustainable, locally managed, and publicly accessible emergency health care for those in need in the East Africa region.

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