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Announcing Belize's First-Ever Fire & EMS Dispatcher Training Graduates!

Updated: May 20, 2022

After a week of training in Beacon emergency dispatch software, call-taking techniques, and other topics; Empact Northwest is pleased to announce that the Belize National Fire Service (BNFS) now has its first-ever team of professional emergency dispatchers!

These highly trained dispatchers will be instrumental in deploying engine and EMS crews in the Cayo District. As BNFS transitions into Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) they will be using cellular communications, GPS, radios, and other technologies to minimize delays in response times, improve crew safety, and provide life-sustaining instructions while crews are en route to the emergency. They will also update crews with critical information through every step of the incident and communicate with other agencies to ensure the right help gets to the right place at the right time.

This is an accomplishment we are honored to have played a role in alongside Trek Medics International and Belize Heroes; it's only the beginning of a very exciting, impactful project!

Our team in Belize is grateful for such collaborative partners who have been determined to implement this system since day one of our work together. We'd also be remiss if we didn't shout out some very important organizations and people who made this possible:

Funders and Supporting Entities:

From BNFS:

Firefighter Riverol (Dangriga Station)

OC Smith (Belmopan Station)

From Trek Medics: Executive Director Jason Friesen

James Millard

From Belize Heroes:

Founder & President Archibald "Mac" McFarlane

From Empact Northwest:

Community Preparedness Manager Jason Zimmerman

Dispatch Instructor Katrina Rahier

With this critical first step completed, we can't wait to move into the next two phases of this long-term sustainment program: a service-wide assessment and report with specific recommendations for the BNFS and implementation of advanced rescue training for the firefighters of Belize!

Special thanks to FF Riverol for content and photos!

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