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Relief: Ukraine

Photo credit:, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Empact Northwest is fully engaged in the humanitarian crisis evolving as a result of military action in Ukraine.  We are working diligently to provide relief and support to civilians affected, engaging our medical and logistics capacities to make sure those affected get the care and relief supplies they need!

Since we launched our first Ukraine team on February 28th, we've been fully involved in the crisis, working to bring essential supplies, medical care, and critical telecom to those displaced both inside and outside of Ukraine. Our team is working around the clock to ensure rapid and effective delivery of this essential aid and necessary contact with the outside world! 

Since the beginning of the invasion, Empact, alongside our partner Stay Safe UA, has provided over 10,000 food packages and thousands of pounds of medical supplies to affected communities across Ukraine, most recently in the far eastern portions, following closely on the heels of withdrawing military forces and accessing cities that, until very recently, were under active siege.  In addition to this life-saving support, our teams have evacuated thousands


of Ukrainians, especially elderly individuals and those with disabilities that affect their physical mobility.

Now we're working to bring telecoms to those still trapped by the war.  By placing satellite internet terminals in hospitals and communities cut off from the outside world, we're working to ensure that those forced to remain behind can communicate with displaced family members and that local physicians can access the most advanced specialists through telemedicine solutions.

Through our current funding appeal, we're hoping to raise an additional $125,000, enabling over 40,000 Ukrainians to communicate with family and friends each month for 12 months (over 480,000 connections in the first year!).  In addition, we estimate that the five identified hospitals will be able to leverage 4,000 telemedicine-enabled specialist consultations each month.  That's 48,000 healthcare connections a year!

Please consider donating today!

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