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Become a Legacy Donor


Planned gifts of all sizes are important and play a big role in ensuring that Empact Northwest is able to meet current and future disaster response and assistance needs. We are honored and humbled to be a part of your legacy, thank you!

Some Reasons to Become a Legacy Donor
  • Economic freedom and security

  • Remove the burden and potential conflict for family members

  • Peace of mind

  • Reduce tax burden to you and your heirs

  • Share your legacy with future generations

Top 5 Reasons to Create or Update Your Will​
  • Birth of a child

  • Death of a loved one

  • Marriage or divorce

  • Out-of-state move

  • Recent tax law changes

Types of Planned Gifts

While there are many different planned giving vehicles, bequests and beneficiary designations are popular for their simplicity and ease:

1) Bequests: Donate cash and/or securities through your will, now or later, by naming the organization(s) of your choice as beneficiary. Unfortunately, Empact is unable to accept gifts of real estate, closely-held securities, or tangible personal property. Ready to make this special kind of gift? Here’s some sample language you may find helpful:

“I, [name], hereby give, devise, and bequeath to Empact Northwest, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation located at PO Box 542, Kingston, WA 98346, for its unrestricted purposes … [##] percent of my taxable estate … or the sum of [$##.##] … or all the rest, residual, and remainder of my estate after specified obligations, taxes, and expenses have been paid.”

2) Beneficiary Designations: You can donate life insurance and retirement plan gifts (IRAs and 401Ks) by designating the organization(s) of your choice as the beneficiary. Please talk to your attorney or financial planner to determine what works best for you and your family. Often your advisor can show you options to give the same amount at a lower cost, or how to give more to your favorite organizations without increasing the cost of giving.

If you’re interested in creating a Charitable Gift Annuity, Charitable Lead Trust, or Charitable Remainder Annuity, The Seattle Foundation is a local organization dedicated to promoting philanthropy. They can help you determine which type of deferred gift is right for you.

Potential Benefits of Making a Planned Gift
  • Deferred gifts do not affect current economic freedom and/or stability.

  • You have the freedom to change your mind (revocable) if your situation changes.

  • It costs less to donate IRAs and retirement/pension plans to charity than to pass on to children.

Get Involved!
  • Is Empact already in your estate plan? Let us know!

  • Tell us your story! We’d love to know why you choose to include Empact in your estate planning to help motivate others to give.

  • Volunteer to help promote planned giving.

It used to be that only older, wealthy people crafted estate plans, but that’s not the case anymore! More and more people are choosing to take this important step earlier in life. And life happens. Regardless of age or income level, we all face major life events that can impact our financial situation positively or negatively.

Empact Northwest is proud to have earned a Platinum seal of transparency from Candid (formerly Guidestar).
To inquire about any of these or other giving options with Empact Northwest, please reach out to us at
Empact Northwest is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.  Most donations are tax-deductible.  Please check with your tax professional to be sure.
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