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Community Preparedness

As natural disasters loom, many local communities are drastically underserved with emergency agencies under-equipped, and inexperienced. Our region, our nation, and people across the world are under constant threat of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunami, hurricanes, pandemics, tornadoes, and innumerable other potential calamities.

While Empact strives to be available at a moment's notice to respond anywhere in the world, the best rescuer is often the closest. This is why we've implemented an ongoing Community Based-Disaster Preparedness (CBDP) program, providing essential training, consulting, and other services to small, at-risk communities the world over.  Our past projects have included community-based training on home preparedness, tier 2 rescuer training for municipal agencies, emergency medical technician training in Haiti, and incident management training around the world. 

We believe that to survive a major disaster it takes a whole-community approach, so we foster neighborhood cohesion and interaction to address the threats of a natural disaster during our projects.  The sad fact remains


that many communities often don’t prioritize the threat of disaster highly enough, but whether natural or man-made, it’s not if a disaster will happen, it’s when. Disasters happen when they are least expected and the resulting loss of life can be catastrophic without an educated and resilient community.

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