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The Collaboration to Help East Africans Respond to Medical Emergencies (CHEAR ME) was launched in 2021 by charter members from Tanzania, Kenya and the US to support the systematic approach to community-based emergency medical services (EMS) development in East Africa through the exchange of ideas, information and experience.


While publicly-funded EMS systems do not exist across much of East Africa, many local communities continue to staff and manage their own volunteer emergency response systems. However, lack


of recognition from national government leaders and competition from private ambulance services and well-funded hospitals and NGOs continues to hamper the growth and sustainability of publicly-accessible and locally-managed emergency response services.

In an effort to overcome the fragmentation of community EMS programs and develop local standards of practice, leaders from several East Africa EMS agencies came together to launch CHEAR ME.

The CHEAR ME Charter


To improve the quality and accessibility of community-level emergency medical services in East Africa

A standard of practice for the development and sustainability of community-level emergency medical services in East Africa



  • A standard for training community responders

  • A standard for managing response operations

  • A standard for promoting organizations and services

  • A standard for monitoring and evaluation of organizations and services



  • Integrity — We do what we say

  • Quality — We provide immediate prehospital care services to the community at our level best

  • Inclusivity— We don’t discriminate

  • Community — We’re focused on empowering communities

Project Partners
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