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Search Canines

Disaster Search Canines

As part of Empact's robust Urban Search and Rescue capabilities, Empact is fortunate to have a cadre of highly trained certified disaster search canines and human partners.

These dogs are vital in locating survivors quickly so they can be rescued quickly. The window of survival for trapped disaster victims diminishes exponentially by the day.  Together with their human partners, our canine members significantly decrease the time it takes to locate and save these precious lives.

Empact search canine Libby in Kup'Yans'k, Ukraine, 2022.

Empact search canines Libby and Duke after a long day of rope training.

Empact search canine Duke and handler KJ G., on their way to Louisiana for Hurricane Laura, 2020.

Empact search canines Packer and Asher with handler Keith D. in the Bahamas for Hurricane Dorian, 2019.

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