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Rope Rescue Technician

Rope Rescue Technician is a dynamic 40+ hour advanced ropes course designed for firefighters and other rescue professionals.


This is a fast-paced course, with an emphasis on real-world applications and scenario-based, hands-on training in both urban and wilderness settings.


Key topics include use of ropes, knots, rigging and pulley systems; multi-point anchors; descending, rappelling, belaying tools and techniques; high angle victim packaging; load releasing systems; use of a "set of 4's"; rescue scene organization and management; unsupported rope ascent; supported and unsupported pick-off rescues; protected lead climbing; high angle litter rigging and tending; use of artificial high directionals; and rope systems to facilitate horizontal movement. 

Upon completion, students will have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to fulfill the JPR's for technician level rope rescue, established in NFPA 1006 (2017 ed.).

This course is taught by current Rescue Specialists from Empact’s Urban Search and Rescue Task Force who are also current Fire Service based technical rescue providers and instructors. 

Location: Bremerton, Washington

Hours: 0830-1830 Daily

Cost: $1295 per student. Cancellations must be received 14 days before course commencement to receive a refund.  Substitutions are allowed.

Required Equipment: Helmet, eye protection, gloves, boots, Class III harness, surgical or cloth face mask.

Pre-Requisites: This is not an introductory course and assumes the participant has an operations-level understanding of rope rescue and incident management and safety procedures applicable to the technical rescue environment.  Specifically, students must be able to tie all applicable knots before the course beginning.  A list of required knots and learning resources will be sent to students before the course.  While our Rescue Systems 1 course is not required before attending, it is strongly encouraged.


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