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Empact Adds New Technical Search Specialist

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Empact is proud to say that we've added another fully qualified Technical Search Specialist (TSS) to our roster! A few weeks ago our own Dave Um, one of Empact's Disaster Physicians, attended the TSS course at the Texas A&M Engineering Extension (TEEX) in College Station, Texas, and successfully completed the course, earning his certification in this second specialty.

The TSS role is essential in Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) operations and includes such specialized skills as search camera use, seismic detection of trapped victims, victim location, rubble pile mapping, use of GPS in plan and map formation, and the use of Unmanned Aerial Search platforms. By adding another TSS, Empact is adding depth to our ability to respond to complex natural and manmade disasters with the necessary resources to save lives, anywhere in the world!

Dave is our 6th TSS and the third to complete this incredibly demanding training. TEEX is known throughout the country as one of the finest training establishments for US&R and Dave reports that the class was well organized with great student-to-instructor ratios, years of real-world experience on the part of the instructors.

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