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Rescue: Belize

Not just a tropical paradise, the nation of Belize is facing a crisis of unprecedented proportions and with little of the personnel, training, and equipment to face it well. 


Named 8th out of 167 nations by the World Bank for climate risk, low-lying, flood-prone Belize can expect to see a significant increase in the rate of cyclones and other tropical weather hazards in the coming years.  Belize's major infrastructure, and population, are also heavily focused on the coast of this small country, putting hundreds of thousands of lives at risk.

So, what's the problem Empact is looking to solve? The problem is that, outside of firefighting and law enforcement, there is essentially no emergency response capability.  That means no emergency medical system, no rescue capabilities, no large-scale incident management system, and no effective emergency services dispatch system.  Empact, with our partners, looks to change all of that!


Empact Northwest has been invited by the Belize National Fire Service to help form and implement a comprehensive rescue plan, training the nation's firefighters to effect complex rescues and assisting in the implementation of an effective, app-based dispatching system.  This will not only ensure an effective response after a disaster but also ensure that rescue capabilities exist for all people, every day.



We could not be more excited to be working with the people of Belize on this project.  

Do you have a connection to Belize? Have you been able to experience the amazing beauty of the nation and the generosity of its people? Please consider giving back to this small, underfunded nation with a simple donation today.  Your gift will save many lives!

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